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What is slidoo?

Slidoo is a speed optimized eBay search and notification service. It has been created by a group of friends in late 2012. The company leading the project is named Eurohosters VOF and located in Holland.


The goal:

If you are a frequent eBay searcher then you will know how slow and complicated it is to find the right results. Very often you will spend a lot of time to sort out the results that have nothing to do with what you are looking for. By using Slidoo's real time slider you can instantly filter the results without having to wait every time you change the filter. Once you have set the slider parameters you can save this search to get notified when there are new products within that specific search range.

The start:
Back in February 2012 we decided to create a small script to help us to find the eBay stuff. Initially this little script was meant for personal use only but after some time we decided to develop it and open it up to everyone that may be interested in such a new service. 

The launch in November 2012:
At this stage Slidoo is in beta phase and constant development. Feel free to drop a message at contact.slidoo@gmail.com.