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eBay search and
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1) Why should I use Slidoo instead of eBay?
Slidoo provides you with a real time slider that works instantaneously to sort out the unwanted search results. You save a lot of time!
You also get a clear product overview without all the hazels like advertising banners and endless search options you have on eBay.
And Slidoo's notification service is also clear to handle. Everything is much faster.

2) What is your partnership with eBay?
We are a fully approved eBay application that makes part of the X developer platform and eBay affiliation program. We have 100% and full speed access to the official worldwide eBay database.


3) Registration

You don't even have to create a new fancy account to use Slidoo. Just connect with your already existing Facebook or Twitter account. We will use those data for the notification part only (and even that you can disable in your settings).


4) What new features are coming next?

We still support eBay only but we plan to support Amazon too. And then there are tons of small new features to add. We are still in beta phase!