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How to Login
You can create an account or register by using your already existent facebook or twitter account.


How to set the notification parameters
In the notification settings menu you can:
a) Set the saved search notification option. You can chose to get notified via email, facebook or twitter. You can also set to get notified only once per day or every 4 hours.
b) Same options are also available for the single marked items
c) You can also set the root country for your search. If you for example set Germany than you will have "Germany-Europe-World Wide" as you location slider options". If you set USA than you will have "USA-North America-World Wide" options.


How to save a search
Once you set a search term and the slider parameters you can save the search and get automatically notified when a new item will be available within your set parameters. Saved searches are listed inside the "My Saved Searches" Menu.


When do I get notified on saved searches
Every time an new item fits into the selected (price-condition-location-buying format) range you will get notified.
Example If you set a price range of 600-1000 Euro you will get notified only when the auctions bid will raise the price into that range or when a new inserted item fits into the range. In case of a newly entered auction item that sells for 1 Euro it will have to break the 600 Euro barrier before you get notified. Of course you can lower the price range to zero if you want to get notified on all newly listings.


How to mark an item and why
If you find one specific item that interest you you can click on the "mark" button. This will save the item info in the "My Marked Products" menu. And if your notification settings allowed it you will get notified when a) The Price changes b) the auction is about to end soon.

How does Slidoo work and what's the relation with eBay
Slidoo has a direct access to the worldwide eBay database. What you see on Slidoo is what you will see on eBay. The Slidoo application has been officially reviewed and approved by eBay.


Why should I use Slidoo instead of eBay
Slidoo focus on a "real time" experience and on the notification part. On eBay you have to click every time you want to change an option. And it takes a while to refine your search. The Slidoo sliders allow you to see a rela time change on the results without to have to reload the page or manually enter the price. It's easier to compare results for example between new and used stuff.
Also the notification part is simplified. Unlike eBay you can access all your saved searches and marked results by simply hovering the menu points "My Saved Searches" or "My Marked Products". And unlike eBay you can customize the notification settings. You can for example get multiple notification per day (ebay only notifies you once per day). So you will not miss a deal for 24 hours :)