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Privacy policy

Not a single data you share with us will used for other purpose than for slidoo.com. Cookies and User data will be stored for the use of this service only!
Your mail will be used for search notifications only (you can deactivate them in your settings).
Privacy text in detail:
By accessing the Slidoo website, the internet user acknowledges that he has taken notice of the information below and he grants permission to Eurohosters VOF to process the personal information provided by him/her as determined below.
It is not excluded that the text of the Privacy policy can change in the future. Eurohosters VOF recommends all internet users to check out the text of this statement regularly in order to be kept informed of any possible changes.
Eurohosters VOF respects the privacy of the internet user and of any other natural person involved, conformant to the applicable laws and regulations.
The person in charge of processing the personal data is Eurohosters VOF, with registered office in Zekeringstraat 35, 1014 BV Amsterdam.
Personal data
The personal information provided by the internet user to Eurohosters VOF via the Slidoo website (www.slidoo.com) and/or within the framework of the services offered on this website are processed by Eurohosters VOF for the following purposes: Search and Product notification, service notes.
The internet user grants his unequivocal and incontestable permission to Eurohosters VOF, in order to process the personal information for Slidoo.com.
The categories of persons having access to these data are staff of Eurohosters VOF.
Each natural person has the right to access the data concerning himself or herself that are processed by Eurohosters VOF in Holland and, should the case arise, he/she can have incorrect data amended and data that are processed illegally deleted.
Cookies are small data files that are placed on your hard disk during your visit to a website. This website uses ‘session cookies', which remain active temporarily. Session cookies are removed from your computer as soon as you close your web browser. Moreover, our session cookies do not contain any personal information.
Most web browsers are set by default to accept cookies. By changing the settings of his web browser, the internet user can request to be warned whenever a cookie is sent or even prevent cookies from being created or kept on his hard drive. However, Eurohosters VOF cannot guarantee access to their website to internet users who refuse the use of ‘session cookies'.